Keys To Creating Sales Assets That Convert

Competition for people’s attention online is cutthroat. Don’t believe us? Just consider these facts. 

According to, the average person spends fewer than 15 seconds actively on a webpage. Additionally, across a wide spectrum of industries, the average open rate for marketing emails is well under one-third, and sometimes as low as 13 percent. 

So, how do you ensure that your sales assets not only get opened, but also read? 

Keep it simple and keep it short. That’s the first tenant of successful sales asset copy. Also remember that your content must provide something of value.  

Creating copy that leads to conversions isn’t just about messaging and word count. You must understand which personas your sales assets are geared toward, what the assets are trying to accomplish and how they’re preforming. 

The most successful marketing assets provide clear value in a professional, yet familiar manner.  The approach should be one of solutions-based selling. Write emails, tip sheets, whitepapers, e-books and other marketing assets that aim to solve your prospect’s pains.

Once you have solid copy written, it’s time to think about design. Don’t do it the other way around! A piece of content that’s not valuable won’t perform well, no matter how well it’s designed. 

When designing your sales assets, center everything on a compelling call-to-action (CTA) that’s tailored to your buyer persona. If your asset is geared toward multiple buyer personas, it’s best to write multiple CTAs. Your CTA should be clickable and link to a landing page that clearly outlines what you’re offering. 

While it’s best to keep marketing content as simple as possible, language is still important. For example, a recent marketing test here at Tellwise found that emails beginning with the salutation “Hi” followed by the person’s name didn’t resonate well. 

It turned out that just saying “Hi” was too informal for our prospects. Likewise, your content must speak to buyers in a language they’re comfortable with. Be friendly, but maintain formality. 

If you’ve read to the end of this post, you’ve stuck around longer than the average online reader. Ask yourself why you didn’t click to another page. What value did this post provide you? Value is the No. 1 takeaway your content should provide to readers. If you provide well-designed, strategically delivered and valuable sales assets, you’ll see a lot more conversions. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Creating valuable content with compelling, actionable CTAs is just part of the battle in converting prospects into leads. Getting your content seen is only going to become more challenging. Enter the fight with powerful, on-target content. Win the battle by always delivering a quality experience. Don’t just provide the content you say you’re going to — go beyond expectations and deliver on more than promised. 

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