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Leveraging Your Doubts for Sales Success

Original post from Jill Konrath

Why It’s Good I Lack Confidence Going Into 2016

Every January I take a big GULP! I have since I first started selling. All I can think about is that no matter how well (or badly) I did, I have to start all over again.

Last year is gone. Finito. Passed into oblivion. That’s why I gulp. I wonder if I’m capable of succeeding – again.

Many people are surprised I feel that way. But the truth is, I’m not alone. Many of you are gulping right now, wondering if you’ll be able to reach your new (higher) quota. Or if you set your own goals, that can be even more daunting.

A new year comes with new challenges, and that can be very scary for many people.  You’re not sure what to expect, and even though you can prepare as much as you want, life will always throw curve balls your way.  So what can you do to prepare for a successful 2016?  Your sales success relies on your ability to adapt, react, and learn from your mistakes.  Use what you know from past missteps and leverage that new knowledge to your advantage in the new year.  Don’t let 2016 be a repeat from last year.  Break new ground and continue paving your way forward to sales success.

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