Looking To Boost Your Sales Relationship Building Efforts? Let Technology Help

Could your sales relationship building efforts use a boost? Imagine this scenario for a second: 

You’re slowly walking down a dirt road with tumbleweeds blowing by. You’re in a classic Western and the spurs on your boots are clinking as you take each step. 

As you reach the center of the small town, townspeople begin to scurry into the safety of their homes.

Out of a bar steps a rugged cowboy with the classic getup ­­— hat, vest, boots and holsters. He walks toward you until you’re only yards apart, and you’re able to vividly see the face of your enemy. 

He reaches toward his holsters and you quickly snatch your weapon. 

You hold your weapon as you’ve been taught in your years of training. But your eyes grow wide as you seem him pull out his gun. 

Your knife might as well be plastic. 

As a sales professional, you’re not looking to engage in such a gunfight with your prospects, but you sure don’t want to walk into town with the wrong “weapon.” 

The metaphor is a great depiction of what’s happing in the sales world. Sales best practices are changing and you need to keep up. 

The question, though, is how should you be doing that? Improving on sales relationship building and closing more deals is a factor of both training and technology. But when you’re looking to improve and have limited resources, how should you invest your time and money wisely? 

If you’re looking for ways to improve the success of your sales team, your problem might not be their knowledge, but rather having the right tools to implement what they’ve learned already.

Your team needs to enter sales conversations with the right tools to be effective. Technology enhances the training you’ve already executed. 

Successful selling always starts with thinking like your potential customers do. Put yourself in your buyer’s shoes: How do they buy? What are their pains? How do you reach them? 

In general, there’s a mismatch in how prospects interact in the sales process and how sellers are trying to reach them. Sales relationship building is about interacting with prospects on their wavelength. In today’s day and age, being strategically informative and interacting with them in real-time is the best way to build a strong relationship. 

But how do you do that if you’re not reaching them where they spend their time? 

In terms of technology, prospects are ahead of sellers. Sales as a whole is not leveraging social selling to join buyers where they are and be more personal. 

If your prospects are on LinkedIn, you should be on LinkedIn. If your prospects are on Twitter, you should be on Twitter. 

When you leverage technology to meet your prospects where they are, you increase velocity by spending your time more efficiently and effectively selling to your prospects in the ways they want to be sold.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): If you want to increase sales and be more efficient (who doesn’t?), you need to think about who your buyers are and what they’re doing. Sales relationship building is about speaking your prospects’ language and interacting with them where they spend their time. Since buyers are ahead of the technological curve, sellers need to have the right technology to interact with their prospects. 

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