Maintaining Customer Relationships In The Mobile Era

If your organization’s online experience isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you need to make it happen immediately or risk souring your customer relationships.

That’s a bold, blunt statement, but it’s true because most of the digital content people consume is now on mobile devices.

If a prospect visits your website from their smartphone or tablet and meets a clunky user interface designed to be navigated with a monitor and mouse, it’s a safe bet that they won’t spend long on the site.

It’s critical that your content is easily accessible across multiple platforms. This includes traditional web browsers used on desktop and laptop computers, as well as smartphones, tablets, “phablets” and any other mobile device people use to access your content.

A recent comScore survey from May reveals that 60 percent of digital media consumption happens on mobile devices, up from 50 percent during the same time last year. 

This plays into the trend of people moving away from accessing content on desktop computers. Moreover, digital content consumption via mobile apps is on the rise as well.

These numbers emphasize a shift in content consumption that you need to pay attention to. It’s imperative that anyone viewing your content has a good experience regardless of the device they’re using. When it comes to lead nurturing, nothing is worse than losing a prospect’s attention due to something as simple as a website that’s not mobile optimized.

Attracting prospects is challenging on its own. Don’t make it even harder! As smartphones and tablets become even more ubiquitous, the percentage of digital content consumed on mobile devices is going to keep rising. Make sure you stay ahead of the trend rather than trying to play catch-up.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Mobile devices are proliferating at breakneck speed, and if recent trends hold, the percentage of digital content consumed on smartphones and tablets should grow to about 70 percent within a year or two. Don’t lose your prospects’ attention because you haven’t optimized your website for a mobile viewing experience. The strength of your customer relationships depends on you!

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