Making Time for Social Media

Original post from Timothy Hughes

The Best Methods for Making Time for Social Media
Many people ask me, “How can you build a Personal Brand and do a full time job?” It’s difficult, which is why I’m sitting here at 07:00 AM writing this.

Guess I’m lucky that one of my work objectives is to support the organization in terms of Social Selling as well as be a thought leader to the external world. Often my Social activity is misunderstood as “not working”.

When in fact it is just the opposite.
When working a full time job, how can you possibly make room for social media? You have meetings to attend, boxes to check off, and tasks to complete.  But even with a full workload, making time for social media is about much more than showing your customers that you know what’s trendy.

Social media has evolved so much since its inception and it is now an incredibly valuable resource, as well as a selling tool.  With social media, you can build connections, engage new prospects, and create valuable relationships with industry leaders.

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