Marketing And Sales Collaboration: Why A Strong Partnership Matters

Marketing and sales collaboration is more than a function of friendship. It’s about producing results. 

It’s no secret that marketing and sales don’t always get along. But regardless of how you perceive your marketing team, if you’re strategic and informative in your prospecting efforts — and you should be — your customer relationships depend on marketing. 

There’s no fighting it. Sales assets are the means by which you effectively warm your prospects on the service or product you’re selling. So what is there to gain by fighting your own team? 

Conversely, and more importantly, what is there to gain by collaborating with your own team? Everything is to gain — more sales, greater deal velocity, happier new customers. 

Think about it this way: You and your marketing team are like Olympic athletes running a relay. If either of you drop the baton, your team isn’t going to win. You both have to practice handing off the baton in order to keep running full speed ahead.  

A good relationship between you and your marketing team is about more than camaraderie — it’s a matter of your personal success. Developing a strong relationship with marketing should be part of your sales best practices. 

Make it a point to foster a relationship with your team members in marketing. Get to know what they do and why they do it. Become familiar with the strategic motivation behind the assets they create. Learn what they’ve taken away from their research on your target customers.

The more you know about your prospective buyers, the better equipped you are at solving their problems and meeting their needs. 

Build relationships with your marketing team members like you would your prospects and partners. Marketing relations are as important as your customer relations. In fact, they’re deeply connected. 

Remember, you’re both working toward the same end goal. You have your strengths as a seller and marketers have their own strengths. Take advantage of what they offer you to be better at your job. And being better at your job means more money in your pocket. 

It also helps your marketing team to learn about what you’re experiencing on the frontlines. Just as you benefit from more information, so do your colleagues in marketing. 

Sharing your knowledge of what prospects are asking about and what’s important to them gives your marketing team the ability to create more impactful sales assets. In turn, your leads are going to be more qualified for conversion and your sales velocity increases. 

While your entire sales team and company maximize this benefit from a top-down marketing and sales collaboration, don’t think you need to wait for your boss to lead the way in “making friends.” 

Every connection you make and every piece of information you take is a valuable tool to add to your toolkit. 

In short: Make friends to make money!

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): If friendliness with marketers for the sake of friendliness isn’t enough, how would you respond to the fact that marketing and sales collaboration is vital to your own success? There’s no getting around it —marketing plays a huge role in how effectively you sell. Leverage their knowledge and resources to deepen your understanding of your prospects and be a better salesperson. 

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