Missed Sales: Just One Milestone In The Customer Relationship

It’s easy to think of a missed sale as a lost opportunity. But that frame of mind doesn’t set you up for success. Don’t treat a missed sale as the end; treat it as just one milestone along course of your customer relationship.

Think of the milestone as a point at which you haven’t established value, rather than the point at which you lost a deal. View a missed sale as a learning opportunity. 

The reality is that sometimes people don’t buy simply because they’re not ready. These are exactly the kinds of customer relationships you want to make an effort to maintain.

In today’s interconnected world, your online presence is a great way to stay on a prospect’s mind but not in their face. Social media is a form of branding. If you want to be found, it’s critical to actively maintain your Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media accounts.

The internet provides so many avenues for your organization to be talked about. If you’re doing your job well, helping solve customers’ pains and creating a great experience, the fact you’re doing your job well follows you online in the form of good reviews, content sharing and more. 

The inverse is also true. If you provide lousy customer service, don’t deliver on your promises or otherwise act like a schmuck, the world is going to know, probably to a greater extent than it would if you performed well.  

On a more short-term scale, think of it this way: Every prospect you’re talking to today — whether they convert or not — could be the gateway to a lead tomorrow. 

The power of a personal reference remains incredibly important, especially now that people have access to all your social media profiles. If you retweet, follow or “like” a prospect on social media, it keeps your name on their mind without needing to actually contact them. 

The benefit of prospecting via social media comes from introductions that happen on your network. If you make a customer happy and they tweet about their great experience or refer someone to you directly, it’s an unbeatable way of prospecting. The potential return on investment of one good prospect leading to another is huge. 

So, if you miss a sale today, don’t fret. If you stay relevant and connected to that prospect and consistently (but not obtrusively) remind them of the solutions you have for their pains, they just may convert. And even if they don’t, your outstanding customer relations efforts might be noticed by a lead you didn’t even realize was there. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): There are many milestones in a customer relationship, and a missed sale is one of them. Providing a remarkable experience for your prospects goes a long way. Even if a prospect doesn’t convert today, you have the ability to stay on their mind without being a nuisance. A missed sale is only a lost opportunity if you allow it to become one. 

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