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Need a Refresher, Resource or Reminder? Check Out Our 6 Favorite Sales Blogs

Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Jeff Gitomer…these are some big names in the field of sales, and chances are you’ve read one of their books or at least heard their names. And books can be a great way to educate yourself as a salesperson, and to reinvigorate your attitude and improve your methods every once in a while when you need a shot in the arm.

On an ongoing basis, however, blogs are better. We don’t mean better than the books, but for keeping up with new ideas, being reminded of tried-and-true ones, and getting excited all over again about what you do every day, blogs work.

With that in mind, we decided to pull together a list of our favorite sales blogs. Obviously you’ll need to keep up with industry-specific blogs on a regular basis, but in addition to that, we highly recommend you have two or three favorite sales blogs you consistently follow and read, to keep you motivated and always improving.

You’ll notice two of these six favorite sales blogs are about sales tools. They make our list because sales in the 21st century is extremely challenging and constantly changing. Salespeople need technology, tools and apps that can help them do more, faster despite all this change.

Here are six of our favorite sales blogs:

Jill Konrath’s Sales Blog
Jill’s blog offers great insight into sales strategies, but not in a theoretical textbook sort of way. Her advice is practical and down-to-earth, the kind of advice that has you slapping your forehead and asking yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Her sales blog is focused on the ever-changing sales and business arena, and it is a must-read.

Nancy Nardin’s Smart Selling Tools Blog
Nancy’s blog is about “buyer resources for discovering and choosing the best sales and marketing software.” And with all of the software and tools being marketed toward sales people, it’s nice to know someone is doing the reviewing and offering guidance! Nancy’s blog goes beyond talking about sales tools, however, and she also offers advice on how to develop fresh strategies and innovative ways to sell.

Sales Benchmark Index Blog
The Sales Benchmark Index Blog is written by a team of sales consultants, covering all aspects of sales, from the organization to the process to execution to support and more. With several contributors, this blog offers a wide variety of topics and perspectives, and has good advice for all salespeople, no matter their function or role in a company.

Miles Austin’s Fill the Funnel Blog
Miles’ blog focuses on web tools for salespeople. He writes from a B2B sales perspective, having spent 30 years in B2B sales and leadership roles. Not every blog post is about a tool, however, as Miles also draws from his decades of experience to offer advice on how to fill your funnel, both with and without tools.

Anthony Iannarino’s The Sales Blog
Anthony posts daily sales tips, so it’s definitely one to check on every day, maybe in the morning as part of your “getting ready for the day” routine. This sales blog also makes our list because Anthony incorporates real-life situations into his sales and marketing blog posts to make them relatable to everyone, including those outside of sales.

Koka Sexton’s Social Selling Tips Blog
Koka is one of the most recognized social experts in the technology industry. His blog focuses on social selling: that is, using social media to drive leads and revenue. Many of his blogs address content marketing and LinkedIn specifically. His blog is a great place for tips and tricks of the trade.

Sales can sometimes be a lonely and frustrating business. Getting into the habit of regularly reading what the experts have to say about the latest trends and techniques, the tried-and-true methods of sales, and both the up and down sides of the business can help us feel like we’re in this together, all working towards a common goal.

What are your favorite sales blogs and why do you rely on them? Let us know!

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