Negotiating Tips: Are You Dealing with the Decision Maker?

Mark Hunter:

The number of salespeople who spend time with people other than decision makers is staggering. It occurs more often than we realize.

A key question to ask early in the selling phase is how the customer handled other buying decisions similar to what you’re asking.

What you’re listening for is a sense of confidence on the part of the customer that they’ve done this before. You can’t assume that by merely asking the customer if they’re the decision maker that they are going to come clean with you.

Use your time with the “non-decision maker” to learn new insights that will assist when you do find yourself dealing the decision maker.

It may be obvious, but we can easily get sucked into trying to negotiate with the “non-decision maker.” Don’t immediately terminate the discussion. Allow them to be a resource and ultimately help influence the actual decision maker.


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