The Importance of Customer Loyalty

Original post from Anthony Iannarino

Companies Aren’t Loyal. People Are.

In the business-to-consumer world, a client list is made up of the people that business serves. It’s a list of actual people who have made a decision to buy from a business.

The business-to-business world is different. Our client lists are mostly made up of the names of companies we serve.…

Top 4 Sales Productivity Practices to Take With You into 2016!

Tellwise-top 4 productivity practices

Welcome to 2016!  The carols have ended, the yule logs burnt away, and the ringing of bells has started to fade, but what isn’t going away any time soon is the need to sell, and more importantly, the need to close.  There were a lot of lessons to be learned in 2015—from business practices to day-to-day operations—and even more changes seemed to happen to the sales landscape itself.  …


Smart Sales: Building Sales and Better Teams

There’s a lot of great sales content floating around the web. It’s hard to decide what to read! Every Saturday, we summarize our favorite B2B sales posts from around the Web. It’s hard to catch it all, so let us know what great content we may have missed.

Here’s what caught our attention this week:

No Stupid Smartphone Needed for Effective Sales Techniques
These days, we can be so focused on our phones that we forget to talk to the people directly in front of our faces.  …