The New Priority of Leadership Development

Original post from Deb Calvert

Break through the Internal Barriers and Activate Leadership Development in Your Organization
Executives in organizations agree that leadership development is a priority, but implementing a leadership initiative continues to be a hard sell for HR and OD professionals.

Everyone knows the problem. The real problem is that organizations are stalled out when it comes to leadership development.

Tips for Improving Lead Gen to End the Year Strong—and Start 2016 Even Stronger

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What is it about October that gets us thinking about the end of the year already? The kids have only recently returned to school. Summer just officially ended the month before. And the leaves—or most of them, at least—are still on the trees. So what’s with the end-of-the-year mindset?

Oh, right: It’s the pressure to meet annual goals!…


Hey Sales Management! Are You Producing Top Sales Rock Stars?


Originally written by Mike Weinberg—sales coach, consultant and author of two best-sellers—on his blog in September 2015. Recently, he published a new book called Sales Management. Simplified. which uncovers some of the horrifying truth about sales management and advice to transform your sales management efforts. To learn more, register for this webinar: The Blunt Truth of Sales Management.


Smart Sales: Effective Selling & Game Changers

There’s a lot of great sales content floating around the web. It’s hard to decide what to read! Every Saturday, we summarize our favorite B2B sales posts from around the Web each week. It’s hard to catch it all, so let us know what great content we may have missed.

Here’s what caught our attention this week:

Don’t Confuse “Target Market” with “Ideal Client”
There’s a difference between who you want to target and who you should target, but sometimes that distinction isn’t always clear.  … Read more >>

Making Time for Social Media

Original post from Timothy Hughes

The Best Methods for Making Time for Social Media
Many people ask me, “How can you build a Personal Brand and do a full time job?” It’s difficult, which is why I’m sitting here at 07:00 AM writing this.

Guess I’m lucky that one of my work objectives is to support the organization in terms of Social Selling as well as be a thought leader to the external world.