Ensuring Your Effectiveness When You’re Out of the Office

Original post from Deb Calvert

Being Effective When You Can’t be Face-to-Face
Worldwide, there are now more than one billion people who primarily work remotely. They work on the road, in home offices, and in satellite offices.

In your own workplace, even in a 9-to-5 setting, think about how challenging it is to get everyone on the team together – you have to work around vacations, sick days, appointments, deadlines, projects, other meetings, and more.

Staying Top of Mind with a Sales Communication Strategy that Rocks


Communicating clearly and efficiently with prospects, and even existing customers, is the key to a good sales process. Doing so consistently is perhaps even more important, yet, you know what they say about the best laid plans… Yep!

Make sure your sales process includes a plan for communicating with prospects and customers on a regular basis by developing a sales communication strategy; one that is simple to implement, easy to adhere to, and built for continuous improvement.…


Smart Sales: Success & Assertiveness

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Here’s what caught our attention this week:

It’s Easy for Your Prospect to Say No
Saying no is almost always easier for your prospect because then they don’t get stuck with any commitments.… Read more >>

Keeping Your Sales Team Away from Desperation

Original post from Jim Keenan:

What to do When a Prospect Goes Dark?
There’s nothing more frustrating to a sales person than when a client goes dark. Your last conversation was killer, you both agreed that your solution made sense. The prospect said needed to: share it with their team, run the numbers, look at another solution, run it past IT, work with H.R., make a recommendation or any other next step.

In a Recruiting Rut? Tips to Identify Top Sales Talent for 2016


As crazy as this sounds, it’s time to think about 2016 already. We’re almost through the third quarter and each individual on your team is working to plan the year ahead. As a sales manager, you need to be thinking ahead too, and that includes thinking about recruiting sales reps and hiring top talent for your sales team.…