You Can’t Go to Dreamforce This Year…So What?

Dreamforce 2015 is coming up. There are many reasons to attend…the keynote celebrity speakers, the seminars by forward-thinking thought leaders, the networking and deal-making, the entertainment, the parties! There are also many reasons not to… <<insert your excuse here>>.

If you aren’t attending Dreamforce in person this year–or even if you are and get distracted by another session or end up having to deal with business back at the office–you can still benefit from the speakers, seminars and networking.… Read more >>

More Ways to Turn Sales Insights Into Profit: Part 2


As a sales manager, there are many factors you can’t control that directly impact your team’s results—but some things you do have some power over, and you need to pay close attention to them! Last week, we talked about using data to look at three things you can control in order to improve your sales: your sales process, how your team is trained and the content your reps use to engage with leads.…


Smart Sales: New Leads & Unlocking Deals

There’s a lot of great sales content floating around the web. It’s hard to decide what to read! Every Saturday, we summarize our favorite B2B sales posts from around the Web each week. It’s hard to catch it all, so let us know what great content we may have missed.

Here’s what caught our attention this week:

Selling from Inside Your Client’s Shoes
The first impression with your prospect can be a deal-breaker for many.… Read more >>

So You Have Less Than a 50% Chance of Making the Right Assumption…

Original post from Colleen Francis:

Is an Experienced Salesperson Less Effective?:
A funny thing happens as salespeople become more and more experienced with their company or product. They also become less and less effective.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Salespeople often become less effective with the more experience that they gain.

Stop Sinking in Sales Interview Quicksand

Original post from Leanne Hoagland-Smith:

The Quicksand Known as Sales Fact Finding Questions:
While knowing to ask the right questions is indeed important, sometimes being so focused on these questions has you quickly drowning in quicksand before you know it.
When salespeople become so intent on one aspect, they may lose sight of the bigger picture.