10 Data-Driven Customer Retention Strategies


The hard work doesn’t stop when a customer has made a purchase. In fact, the real challenge may be just beginning: getting your customers to stick around.

Customer retention is a long-term, continuous investment that companies must make in order to keep customers as long as possible. However, reducing customer churn is not easy.


Ultimate Guide For Choosing Sales Acceleration Software


How to Pick the Right Sales Acceleration Software for Your Company

We all know sales is a tough business. Any edge a salesperson can get to set them apart from the competition and close the deal is essential. One of the latest trends in sales software, called sales acceleration software, can do just that.


The Top 10 Sales Communication Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Top 10 sales communication mistakes

Salespeople have hundreds of conversations every month. Those conversations may be on the phone, via email, or face-to-face. And, regardless of what kind of conversations you have, you are always at risk of making a sales communication mistake.

Some sales communication mistakes are obvious, like not listening or not making eye contact.…


Conversation as a Platform – Why it Matters.


Article originally posted on LinkedIn pulse.

This week at Microsoft’s Envision conference and last week at their Build conference, Microsoft CEO Sayta Nadella kicked off the event with a high level vision for the company.  There was lots of good stuff in there but one area that is particularly fascinating Satya called ‘Conversations as a Platform.’  It will change the way that companies communicate with their customers and that means it’s interesting for the sales ecosystem.