The Secret to Sales Acceleration: Predictive Sales Analytics.

Predictive Sales Analytics

Can salespeople predict the future?

This question is not as crazy as it sounds and in fact the answer is moving closer and closer to yes everyday.  The predictions though don’t come from a crystal ball – they come from a computer and we are going to go on a journey to show how it’s possible and how you can start taking advantage of predictive sales analytics.


Why Selling Is No Longer an Art

Why selling is no longer an art

Sales has always been a tough job. It requires discipline, self-awareness, a thick skin, and a go-getter attitude.

Fifty years ago, if you asked a salesperson how he is so successful at his job, he may have said something like, “I’m naturally good at building relationships” or “I was born a people person.” Five decades ago, selling seemed like a pure art form.


Hiring New Salespeople? Here’s How Data Can Accelerate Onboarding

How data can accelerate onboarding

A new sales rep costs your organization money the very first day he starts. You have to invest time and money training every new rep, and they probably won’t start closing deals until month two or three. Until then, your sales team will lose revenue and experience lower productivity.

There’s no question that organizations need to onboard new salespeople as quickly as possible.…


5 Ways Salespeople Can Improve Their Analytical Skills


Analytical skills aren’t just reserved for mathematicians, data scientists, or business analysts. In fact, they can provide a competitive edge in almost every industry, especially sales.

As a sales rep, it’s easy to feel like your emails and voicemails are getting lost in a black hole. You have no idea if people are clicking on your links or opening your email, or if the content even resonates with them.…