Looking To Boost Your Sales Relationship Building Efforts? Let Technology Help

Sellers are always looking for ways to increase sales and deal velocity as best practices change. Re-training is an option, but empowering your sales reps with the right technology could make a powerful difference. Learn how to stay relevant with your prospects and bolster your relationships with new technology. Read more >>

3 Groups To Consider When Targeting Your Sales Assets

When sales reps work to identify their target persona for sales assets, there are a thousand different decisions to sort through immediately. One thing that seasoned sales reps often forget to ask about their target buyer is this: Are they an end user, decision-maker or an influencer? Learn why you need to know the answer. Read more >>

Social Selling Advice: What To Know Before Starting Your Own LinkedIn Group

As sales reps and teams look to get more visibility in the social selling market, they need to explore every channel, including LinkedIn Groups. But just because clicking the “create” button is simple doesn’t mean the rest of the process is easy. Learn what you must be prepared for if you’re going to start your own LinkedIn Group. Read more >>