5 Tips For Creating Highly Visual, Attention-Grabbing Sales Assets

In today’s busy workplace, prospects don’t want to read really long documents. That’s why B2B sales reps who create sales assets must find a way to very quickly convey much-needed information. They have just a few seconds in some cases to grab their prospects’ attention. Learn how to quickly convey information with highly visual sales assets. Read more >>

Improving Sales Engagement: 5 Metrics To Track Soft Skills

For years, research has shown that workers with quality “soft skills” have more career success and contribute more to their companies than people who only have highly technical skills. We’d suggest they’re also better when it comes to sales engagement, too. Discover what metrics sales managers should use to better measure soft skills and improve sales engagement. Read more >>

5 Sales Best Practices To Maximize Your Selling Time

If they are to be truly successful, sales reps must employ sales best practices and squeeze in more time for active selling. The most critical of these practices is effective time management. You must spend more time with high-potential customers and qualified leads, and less time on administrative duties and nonrevenue producing activities. Read more >>

Reverse Mentoring: Is It The Key To Social Selling Success For Your Sales Team?

Millennials aren’t like their older counterparts. But this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t play an integral part in sales. Sales organizations could learn a lot from these 20-somethings, especially when it comes to social selling. While millennials are just getting started in their sales careers, they’re already digital natives. Read more >>

Improving Engagement With Mobile Content: How Must Your Sales Assets Change?

Mobile devices are changing the way prospects consume sales assets, and if you want yours to get found, you must adapt. Studies show that nearly two-thirds of cellphone owners use their devices to go online. Some people ONLY use their phones to go online. If your content doesn’t fit nicely on an iPhone or iPad, you might as well kiss your traffic goodbye. Read more >>