3 Ways Collaboration Software Helps Sales Reps To Stop Wasting Time

A recent article shows that sales reps only spend 1.5 days a week on “effective selling.” The remaining 3.5 days are spent on meetings, administration, lead generation, travel, training and service calls. Fortunately, using collaboration software eliminates some of these time-wasting challenges, freeing up precious moments to do more selling. Read more >>

5 Social Selling Tips For Building Your Brand On Twitter

In the age of self-educating buyers, it’s critical that sales reps create and build authority online. They need a brand and they need to be easily found on a Google search. One of the fastest ways to embrace social selling is to maintain an active presence on Twitter. Here are several tips for building your brand on the network. Read more >>

Writing B2B Sales Assets? Forget Features, Focus On Solutions!

When putting together your sales assets, it’s tempting to focus on the features of your product or service. After all, you want prospects to know how amazing your stuff is compared to the next guy’s. But this is a mistake. People don’t care about your features. They care about making money, solving problems and getting ahead of their competition. Read more >>

4 Ideas For Including Gamification Among Your Sales Best Practices

Motivation is often tough in sales. Reps tend to hear “no” more than they hear “yes.” This is all the more reason why making the job more fun is critical for the long-term success of your sales team. Some of the most successful sales best practices use gamification to make tactics like cold calling and prospecting more enjoyable. Read more >>