Do You Really Know Who You’re Selling To? 4 Tips For Targeting Your Sales Assets

Knowing exactly who you’re selling to always has been a key part of the sales process. But as prospects increasingly self-educate using the Internet, sales teams have to make sure they target all email, content and sales assets to the EXACT buyer persona or they risk losing interest and traffic. Here are four ways to move forward with this initiative. Read more >>

6 Ways To Use Sales Assets To ‘Warm Up’ Your Cold Calling

If sales reps personalize the sales experience by tailoring calls, emails and sales assets that they send to prospects, they’re more likely to solve their potential customers’ pain points and help them achieve business goals. Here are six ways to personalize your communication, which is going to make your cold efforts more successful. Read more >>

3 Tips For Sparking Sales Conversations With Shared Content

Forget about using the old-fashioned sales pitch to start sales conversations with prospects. To draw today’s self-service buyers into sales conversations you need to provide expertise in the business value proposition of your products. Strategically sharing relevant content and expertise is a great way to build authority. Read more >>

How To Share Sales Best Practices And Knowledge With New Sellers

In many organizations, the top sales reps have spent decades learning the products, buyers and sales best practices. But as they retire, organizations must plan to transfer their knowledge to new sellers. Mentorship programs and other knowledge-sharing practices benefit the individuals involved as well as the organization. Read more >>