Use A Sales Content Platform To Protect Your Data — And Close The Deal

Instead of blasting out emails, using a centralized, password-protected sales content platform allows sales teams to distribute important content securely to decision-makers. These tools help reduce the likelihood of both malicious and inadvertent leaks, and offer the seller useful visibility into how the information is being accessed. Read more >>

A Memo To Aspiring Sellers From A Beleaguered Buyer

Today’s buyers are busier than ever. They’re so busy that they’re left with precious little time to play goalie on their email and voicemail inboxes, so they generally revert to mass delete. That’s why sellers need to work harder to develop collaborative relationships built on customized content that breaks the monotony of generic statements. Read more >>

3 Ways To Personalize Sales Assets For Prospects

Firing off impersonal content makes you forgettable. Nobody wants to puzzle over an overly-broad case study or spend their time reading a whitepaper that seems to have nothing to do with their business needs. That’s why sales reps need to tailor how they present sales assets, creating a relevant, personalized experience for each prospect. Read more >>

Why Videos Are Valuable Sales Assets

Videos are a great way to communicate with potential buyers: A bold, well-executed video explains your business and engages viewers more quickly than static media does. Organizations invest lots of money in promotional videos, but they get little use in sales. Start using videos as sales assets, and create your own video channel for prospects. Read more >>

Which Sales Engagement Metrics Should You Track?

At many organizations, marketing departments use data to analyze user behavior and improve marketing efforts. But the vast majority of salespeople lack equivalent tools for tracking sales engagement metrics. Good sales analytics help you judge the interest level and qualifications of prospects, and choose the most effective content to send to them. Read more >>