3 Must-Haves In Every Sales Manager’s Portfolio

Inc. recently posted an article about the changing nature of the sales manager role. With social and sales intelligence software, today’s managers are department liaisons, IT experts and content aficionados. We believe there are three great points from the article that experienced sales managers need to have in their portfolio today. Read more >>

How Sales And Marketing Can Work Together To Produce Great Content

sales-assets-marketing-content -Tellwise
If they are to succeed at producing remarkable sales assets and content, sales professionals and marketers must work together. Social Agenda Media recently shared tips for aligning sales and marketing to better engage with audiences and improve closing rates. Improving sales and marketing alignment is vital here. Read more >>

Does Social Selling Really Work?

OMGHub shared an article from Dave Kurlan about how social selling may not be helping with win rates, increases in contacts and sales cycle velocity. We’ve seen statistics that show social selling does work, but Kurlan’s main point is spot on: Salespeople must return to the fundamentals to truly succeed in today’s busy and competitive landscape. Read more >>

What’s The Key To Social Selling? Be An Engaged Member!

An interesting infographic from MarketingThink on Dr. William J. Ward’s DR4WARD blog shows how you can drive engagement through social tools. But most salespeople are only using social networks like LinkedIn to look someone up and connect with the person. We believe they must go beyond that and become active members on social networks. Read more >>