5 Elements To Study When Sales Start To Slide

If revenue at your sales organization has started to slide, the best way to determine the problem is to divide the sales team into four sections: strategy, structure, people and process. A Sales Guy recently posted a good conceptual blog post highlighting these four key elements. We’ve added a fifth element — technology — that merits consideration. Read more >>

The One Thing Sales Managers MUST Do Today

If sales managers could focus their entire time on one effort that would make the most difference, it would be this: coaching sales representatives. That’s according to Inc., which recently shared a fantastic article highlighting sales metrics research from Jason Jordan, an author and a partner at Vantage Point Performance. Read more >>

5 Secrets To Better Sales Engagement: An Interview With Dave Stein

Dave Stein, CEO of ES Research Group, Inc., and Stefan Gass, CMO of Tellwise, recently discussed how to help sales reps use technology to drive sales engagement and gain leverage with buyers during the sales process. Join them as they continue the discussion during their webinar, “5 Secrets To Better Prospect Engagement,” at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Dec. 11. Read more >>

What’s Better? Pipeline Diagnostics Or Analytics?

Performing pipeline diagnostics is a good exercise. Sure, it’s great to talk about tools and win rates and average deal sizes. But we think it’s much more important to use that valuable time to perform analytics to find out what is and isn’t working. Partners in Excellence recently shared an interesting blog post about the subject. Read more >>

Sales Versus Marketing: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

There’s no doubt about it: Technology has completely redefined the roles of sales and marketing. PointClear recently shared an interesting blog post that points to some of the classic sales and marketing friction points. Even in a hyper-technology-enabled world, the definitions of sales stages between sales and marketing must be clearly defined. Read more >>