4 Ways To Use Social Selling To Meet Your Quota

Phone calls and emails alone just won’t cut it anymore. If sellers want to make and exceed their quota, they must think differently about their communication with prospects, employing a social element. Business 2 Community recently shared an article offering some great advice about social selling points and tactical examples. Read more >>

Why Salespeople Must Use Technology To Achieve ‘Insight Selling’

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An article in the November issue of the Harvard Business Review talks about the macro shift in selling. The article argues that sales reps need to be “creative and adaptable” and empowered to use customer-specific situational judgment rather than being forced to remain glued to protocols. We believe that technology also has to shift. Read more >>

How To Sell The Right Way With A ‘Pull’ Strategy

Most salespeople use a “push” sales strategy, spending most of their time and effort convincing customers about features and benefits of their products and services. But we believe this is a huge mistake. The Sales Hunter recently shared an article outlining why using a “pull” method results in more sales and higher profits. Read more >>

Want To Make The Sale? Just Give Good Advice

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Inc. recently shared an article about why giving good advice — and not explaining the benefits of your products — is a great way to make a sale. We agree! In the article, sales expert Tom Searcy tells how a salesperson offered a prospect research and recommendations, but never talked about his products or services. Guess what? He still made the sale. Read more >>

Are Your Current B2B Marketing Efforts A Waste Of Time?

New research cited in a Forbes article suggests that developing buyer personas and personalizing content that solves problems for those people will not ultimately produce nurtured leads for B2B selling efforts. In other words, using content marketing for demand generation — in its current form, anyway — simply doesn’t work. Read more >>