Want To Boost Sales? Try ‘Online Stalking’

Want to boost sales? Do some “online stalking.” The Center for Sales Strategy recently shared a fun article about how Realtor Phil Dunphy from the mockumentary television show, “Modern Family,” used his daughter’s Facebook page to “stalk” a prospective buyer. Looking up a buyer’s public profile on LinkedIn can help you learn more about them! Read more >>

Is Marketing Technology Leaving Sellers In The Dust?

It’s easy to understand why salespeople are reluctant to embrace the newest technological goodies from the marketing department. So often the new, supposedly more-efficient tool doesn’t work and sucks time for the entire sales team. Sales Benchmark Index recently shared an interesting blog about this dilemma, and we add our thoughts. Read more >>

Are You On Board The Social Selling Train?

What does social selling actually look like? Research by Sales Management Association suggests not many companies actually know the answer to this. A recent survey on the Business 2 Community website found that most companies have no social media strategy. We share some recommendations for managers who are responsible for driving change efforts. Read more >>

Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Be So Fast To Say ‘No’

It’s happened to us all: A customer wants something from you, but you just can’t deliver it to them — at least not at the moment, anyway. As Jeff Haden recently shared in a great real-life example on Inc., it’s important for salespeople to offer alternative options. Many of your customers will be open minded enough to give something else a try. Read more >>