Top 4 Ways To Kill A Sales Career

Inc. recently shared a great article outlining common basic selling errors. So often, the article notes, salespeople fake intimacy, answer objections that customers haven’t brought up and leave the next step up to the customer. They’re also prone to writing sales proposals and asking for referrals much too soon. We share four sales career killers. Read more >>

Are You Just Selling Or Are You Problem-Solving?

If you’re just trying to sell products and services, good luck with that. The key to true success is selling efficiencies, savings and solutions to problems. For goodness’ sake, don’t just sell things; solve their problems! Partners in Excellence recently posted a concise summary showing how solution selling really works. Read more >>

3 ‘Old-School’ Sales Tips You Should Still Use With Every Call

Here’s a no-brainer: If you’re out in the field and you want to make your sales quota, you need to do this: Ask for the sale! No wishy-washy language, no wishing for a sale. According to an article from Smart Calling Blog, the key to increased success is asking for a commitment with every single call. Read more >>

5 Must-Track Metrics If You’re Going To Sell Anything

In today’s world, sellers absolutely must use social or they just won’t succeed. Don’t leave it to marketing to own social! Your role as a seller is equally important. As you start planning out your 2014, Sales Benchmark Index offers a quick wrap-up of five different metrics that are leading indicators for success. Read more >>

What’s The REAL Reason Half Of CRM Systems Fail To Provide ROI?

We find it almost unbelievable that recent research found that HALF of Fortune 1000 companies get zero ROI for their CRM systems. That’s a staggering number! Score More Sales recently shared an article suggesting the three biggest reasons for this failure. We add the Tellwise perspective and explain what’s really going on. Read more >>