Why Should You Fish For Prospects With Videos?

With promotional videos, you can remind buyers about their problems and then offer them solutions with your products, according to a recent blog post on Smart Selling Tools. But don’t just make one promotional video. We recommend creating a personal 10-minute video for each specific prospect you’re working with this week. Read more >>

How Can Technology Take (Some Of) The Pain Out Of Prospecting?

In the world of sales, we know one thing to be true — prospecting may be no fun, but we still need to do it, no matter how much it sucks. Tony Cole, founder of Anthony Cole Training Group, recently shared advice on how to take away some of the pain, and we add how technology is changing prospecting for the better. Read more >>

How To Avoid ‘Show Up And Throw Up’ Selling

When it comes to sales, just showing up, spewing a bunch of facts about features and hoping for a buy is worse than a long shot — it has no shot. To get noticed and close the deal, every single conversation you have with a customer has to solve their problems, according to a post on the Partners in Excellence blog. Don’t waste energy! Read more >>

Is ‘Champion Content’ Part Of Your Selling Strategy?

Today’s buyers already know a lot about what they need and want. In fact, they’ve done their own research before ever contacting your salespeople! That’s why the best way to target buyers today is with information and channels that speak directly to them. We explore how TOPO recommends doing this with “content champion” and include our thoughts. Read more >>