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Original post from Colleen Francis:

It’s All in How You Say It: The Top 9 Presentation Mistakes – and What To Do Instead:
Why do so many good sales people give so many bad presentations?
93% of the way communication is interpreted is through how you communicate, not what you say. It may not be fair, but the fact of the matter is that whenever you make a presentation, you are being judged at least as much on your presentation skills as on your content.
Don’t be afraid to open yourself up to your audience, show the passion you feel for your product and company!
Use real-life examples, quotes, stories and testimonials. They’re critical to making your story come alive, and persuading people to buy your products or services.

Great presentations are personal and give your prospect a deeper insight into you as a seller.

Why is this so important?

Sales is all about building relationships and developing trust. If you give a terrible presentation, you aren’t starting off strong and are therefore losing your chances at a working relationship.

Don’t just focus on the what, focus on the how.

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