Pricing Pitch: When’s the Right Time?

Original post from Colleen Francis:

Are You Scaring Your Buyers Away?:
What’s the easiest way to lose control of the sales process?
I’m sure you’ve noticed, many salespeople hold off on presenting their price to a prospective client until the final written proposal. If you avoid discussing pricing options until the very last moment, you make it too easy for the prospect to ignore you.
When discussing the pricing, gauge your prospect’s reaction and respond accordingly. Generally speaking, you can very easily tell what your prospect thinks of your pricing by how they react when they first see it.

If you’re offering a great product or service, and showing the value of what you can provide, the pricing conversation shouldn’t be dreaded from any member of your sales team.

Don’t let the fear of the sale keep you from doing what needs to be done.

Pricing options have to be discussed at some point so don’t leave them to the last minute. Keep them in the conversation so you can also include upselling or cross-selling in your strategy.

Stay one step ahead of your prospect and be prepared for the discussion.

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