Prospecting 101: How To Make A Great First Impression

It can’t be overstated how important first impressions are to your prospective customers

Make sure you’re spending the time internally to ensure everything that goes in front of your prospects’ eyes looks great. This includes emails, web copy, and your social media profiles and posts. 

Inaccurate, poorly written, disorganized or misspelled content not only looks bad, but it has the potential to turn prospects away. They’ll think less of your credibility if it doesn’t appear that you’re careful enough to ensure your communications are error-free.

Once you’ve buffed the rough edges out of your content, you’re ready to make it shine.

Refine your content so that it drives home important messages concisely and effectively. 

Wordy PowerPoint presentations won’t be remembered. Make your message succinct. Use infographics and other images when appropriate. Ensure that your presentations, whitepapers and other materials are aesthetically pleasing; it’s good to embrace bold or bright colors, but don’t go overboard. Test your materials internally to see if anyone finds them difficult to read. 

Since people respond differently to content, try to develop a diverse array of sales assets so you’re able to cater to a prospect’s preferences. Some people, for example, don’t like PowerPoint presentations. So it’s important to have a sales video or other asset available in situations where a slideshow won’t work. 

Never forget that the user experience is critical when it comes to reading your content and participating in a conversation with you. If someone starts reading one of your blog posts on their laptop and decides to finish reading from their tablet on the train ride home, you should be able to provide that experience seamlessly. 

Technology is one of your greatest allies. Make sure you’re getting the most out of it by starting with great content. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Once you get your content in perfect order, use the power of technology to create a better customer experience. The best software helps you leverage your assets across multiple platforms. This is especially important to consider when catering to the modern buyer, who’s always online, usually pressed for time and often consuming content on a variety of platforms.

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