Tellwise prospects don't care

Do Your Prospects Even Care?

Original post from Mark Hunter:

Your Prospects Really Don’t Care About You:
Your prospects are not overly interested in you. Failing to recognize this is #8 in my Top 10 reasons most prospecting plans fail.
Unless you’re somebody famous or unless you have a product everyone has to have, I hate to break the news to you, but your prospect couldn’t care less.
They have their own problems. To the prospect, you’re no different and certainly no better than any other salesperson who is thinking the same way…

So, this brings up the great question for sales people: how do you get your prospects to care about your product or service?

You make it relevant to them.

Most companies fail when trying to reach their prospects by making the conversation about the product or service they offer. Yes, that is a natural flow of conversation for you as the sales rep, but it’s not for the prospect.

They want to know how it relates to them and what they will get out of it that they can’t already see from your website.

So, how does this change the way you angle your sales pitch?

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