Prospects Not Responding To Your Content? Learn How To Analyze Bounce Rates

Let’s say you’ve done your homework, you’re using good sales and marketing automation software, tracking conversion rates, and doing A/B testing — but still not seeing the kind of response you hoped your content would generate.

What should you do?

Start by looking into the bounce rate for each piece of relevant content. The bounce rate is the number of people who arrive to your website or open your email, but then “bounce” away from the content and take no further action. 

On the surface, the bounce rate tells you the obvious. But it also implies something greater. For a prospect to have the opportunity to bounce, they must have first landed on the page. (Remember, though, that content must be accessed for the bounce rate to be measured. People don’t bounce off content they simply ignore.) 

When you analyze your bounce rate, try to determine what’s precluding people from proceeding with the engagement. Why are they not clicking on your call-to-action? Why are they navigating away from your landing page? Again, this is where A/B testing could be highly effective in determining the answer. 

Compare your bounce rate to your audience. It could be that the wrong people are receiving your messages. Try segmenting your email distribution list differently or rewriting the sales copy on your landing pages to entice the right people.

The lower your bounce rate is, the better your overall prospect engagement. However, sending messages that aren’t resonating with your target buyer is a far greater concern than a high bounce rate. 

Any landing pages, curated content, advertisements or other materials you’re using to generate sales is only going to be successful if it’s seen by the right people. This sounds pretty elementary, but it’s a common pitfall. It’s important to do enough research to ensure that your messages are reaching the right people

Put these details aside for a moment and consider the problem on a broader level. If prospects aren’t responding to your content, it’s because you’re not giving them what they need. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Prospects could bounce away from your content for any number of reasons; it could be as simple as the messaging being off base, or something more unforeseeable, such as color or font turning people away. Conversion tracking and the power of A/B testing gives you an informed perspective of what’s moving your buyers through the sales process and what’s holding them back. 

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