Sales Acceleration: It’s All About Velocity

Original post Barb Giamanco:

Sales Acceleration Is An Inside Job:
In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it is all about velocity.
It might come as a big surprise to many sellers to find out that they are slowing down the purchasing decision a buyer needs to make. I imagine right now some of you are saying, heck no, I don’t slow the process down, buyers move slowly. In truth, many salespeople are their own worst enemy.
Selling is about helping customers solve their business problems and make buying decisions. I want you to think about delivering value in a different way. Think of adding value as providing information quickly, in order to move buyers one step closer to a purchasing decision. If a core issue has been identified within an organization that needs to be addressed, there is executive support for the initiative, budget has been allocated and an implementation timeline has been put in place, then buyers typically do want to move quickly. Make it easy for them to get what they need.
Sales acceleration is big business.

Do you think you’re slowing down your buyers’ purchasing decisions?

It’s hard to think all of the work you’re putting into closing isn’t always working. Sales acceleration is tricky because you don’t know what you’re buyers are thinking and what they want to see next.

So now, not only is sales acceleration about velocity; it’s also about working smarter.

Inside sales reps have a great advantage here because they are able to use their resources in front of them to help answer questions and stay on their feet. With buyers becoming smarter about your product or service every day with the Internet in front of them, you as a seller need to work twice as fast, and do your research first.

Stay nimble and quick on your feet, ISRs.

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