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Sales Motivation Secrets: Celebrate Often to Keep Pushing Forward!

It’s the end of the year, and that can only mean one of two things. Either you and your sales team are pushing forward to finish the year strong, or you could both use some serious sales motivation to get over this end-of-the-year slump. If you’re in the latter group, motivating yourself and others doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive, it just needs to be effective. So what are some effective ways of doing this? Celebrating successes daily and staying positive are two easy steps towards motivating a sales team.

Why sales motivation matters
Before we talk about taking on for sales team motivation, however, let’s first review why this kind of sales motivation even matters. In short, it matters because motivation is essential for your team. According to Colleen Francis who writes the Sales Leader Blog, “If you want your team to turn over at a higher rate than average, you must provide recognition and encouragement as well as monetary reward.”

Motivating your team can also produce some incredibly valuable results beyond increased sales. For one thing, it can help keep your team functional (or get it functional, if you’ve been having issues). Motivating a sales team can make it healthy and strong. It can also help your team push forward and even succeed when they hit a wall. And all of these, of course, can translate into even more sales!

What is “motivation”?
Motivation can take many forms because you’re working with different types of people who are driven by their individuals needs and desires. Some are motivated by money. Others are motivated by experiential things. And for others, motivation can be as simple as a pat on the back or some public recognition at the weekly sales meeting. Keep this in mind when planning to motivate, so you don’t get stuck in one mode of thinking and end up frustrated by poor results.

Celebrate successes daily
Whatever sales motivation practice works for your reps, a celebration of successes each day is something that most sales managers can agree to be incredibly valuable, regardless of what the actual reward turns out to be. Daily celebrations need not be extravagant affairs. They don’t even require doughnuts. Simply ending each day with a public recognition of accomplishments is often enough…and it gets your reps fired up to come back the next day and give it another go.

As a sales manager, you should end every day congratulating yourself and your team on what did that was successful. These wins might include new clients, new leads, or finished deliverables. A win could even be finishing a training course your reps have been resisting!

To get into the habit of recognizing these everyday wins, make a checklist of possible wins, and as you and your reps begin completing tasks, check them off and see what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day.

Don’t have anything small for your checklist? Even the smallest gains are worth celebrating if they lead to sales team motivation. And one easy way to ensure these small gains happen regularly is to set some small goals to begin with. So start your checklist that way, and soon other small gains will become obvious to you.

Make the bad days into motivators too
It’s also important to remember not to let mistakes or missteps bring you down and un-motivate you from doing your work. Things can and will go wrong. But that shouldn’t stop you or your reps from accomplishing year-end goals.

When something goes wrong, use it as a reason to think differently and look at the issue from a new perspective. Situations that might go wrong include if you can’t get through to a prospect, if a client says “no,” or if you just can’t seem to catch a break. These might look like deal breakers (and motivation busters), but good can come out of them: Use these situations to motivate your reps to think differently and re-strategize for a new plan of attack. Focus on the solution, not on the problem.

Above all, stay positive!
Lastly, it’s important to remember to always think positive—especially when you’re the manager and your attitude sets the tone for the whole team. If you’re in a negative mindset, you need to get yourself out of it and push forward before you slog everyone down. Work through the negativity and distractions and focus on possible solutions, what you bring to the table, and your belief in yourself to lead and to sell.

When you can stay positive throughout your workday, even without a public celebration of success, you will be able to not only feel better by the end of the day, but you will more likely than not have accomplished a lot more too—plus kept your sales team on track towards their goals!

Celebrating your successes is crucial to staying motivated. Celebrating the successes of your sales reps is required to keep everyone motivated…and working towards the end-of-the-year goals. Sales motivation doesn’t have to be complex or costly, however. It can be as simple as taking some time at the end of your day to look at what you and your team have accomplished, to map out where you want to go, and to motivate yourself and others to become ever better.

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