Sales Reps: Want To Stay Relevant? Embrace Technology!

Six months ago, sales expert Steve Loftness wrote a viral blog post about the demise of sales reps: “Why Top Sales Reps Will Be Unemployed in 2 Years.”

In essence, Loftness claimed, reps would become obsolete if they didn’t adapt. Buyers have simply become too social, too informed and too segmented to continue to rely on traditional relationships and target methods.

According to another blog post on the Sales Benchmark Index website, the massive response to Loftness’ post proves one thing: Sales reps will fail if they aren’t ready for tomorrow. With this in mind, the SBI post highlighted five several traits of evolving sales reps, including reinvention, best practices, rapid adoption and mobility.

Here at Tellwise, we’re confident that the key to this readiness is a mastery of technology. Every single one of the points mentioned has technology as a driver or root cause.

  1. Reinvention: This is all about innovation. Just look at the new tools that enable social selling as well as new technology environments like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  2. Best practices: Many best practices today include technology.
  3. Rapid adoption: Adoption, as we all know, is a technology-loaded word.
  4. Mobility: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and virtual offices, oh my! Mobility is all about technology.

So what does this all mean?

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): To stay on top, sales reps must, as Loftness’ article suggests, adapt or die. Wholeheartedly embrace technology and live to see another sale.

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