Sales Tips For Selling To Technical Buyers

Imagine getting off an airplane in South America and only knowing how to speak Japanese. The language barrier would be substantial, and to get what you need you’d have to find someone who speaks your language. 

Selling to technical buyers has similar barriers to entry. Highly technical individuals need to be courted in particular way. If you can’t communicate with them at their altitude, no level of sales training is going to enable you to close the deal. 

Directors of IT and other buyers in technical roles want to feel confident that you fully understand their situation, and they want this to happen at the beginning of the sales cycle. A technical buyer isn’t initially interested in business benefits or costs — they want to hear the technical details that solve their problem

This special breed of buyer demands a technical solution that comes with credibility. They want to speak with sales reps that are subject matter experts in the technical problem at hand. Ideally, a seller engaging with a technical buyer knows the buyer’s problem as well as or better than the buyer does. 

But sellers often don’t have that level of detailed technical expertise. Some technical buyers get face-to-face with a sales rep and choose not to talk with them because they’re not convinced the rep has a true understanding of the problem. 

In these cases, the best option is to get a subject matter expert from within the organization engaged with that buyer as soon as possible to establish your credibility. 

If you, as the sales rep, can’t speak to a technical buyer fluently about their problems on a granular and highly technical level, get out of the way and make room for someone who is able to. 

As a seller, sometimes stepping away is the best move you can make to help close a technical sale. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Don’t be afraid of letting someone from the IT department speak with a technical buyer. The kind of mind-melding that takes place between the technical buyer and the subject matter expert often ends up incubating the sale for you later down the road. While your own subject matter experts prime the sale, find out where the buyer spends their time, what information they find credible and start nurturing the sale by curating valuable content for them. 

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