Salespeople, Do Not Send This Email

Trish Bertuzzi:

I am a fairly typical buyer. And like most, I am crazy busy. Now I understand why, as the seller, you are asking me to do your job for you. But honestly, what is in it for me?

Here’s another recent email that went awry:

My company is a world leader in [industry]. I’m asking you for 5 minutes of your time so I can see if our product can help make your business better. I’m going to email you with a couple times for a call. Keep an eye open for the next email from me.

So you’ve only talked about yourself, you asked for some of my time and then you used an email to instruct me to “keep an eye open” for another email? I don’t think so.

It’s not hard to write a great email template. A response worthy sales email has three main sections:

  • Opening: State your ultimate value statement clearly and concisely. All you need to do here is arouse curiosity
  • Customization: Research your prospect and write a sentence that’s specifically about them or their company
  • Call-to-action: Insert a request. 

It’s really that simple. WIIFM? If you can’t answer, what’s in it for your buyer, you’re better off not sending your email.

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