Sellers, Fight Back! Use The Same Research Tools As Buyers

Sellers agree that there is a massive change taking place in the profession and it’s not making it any easier to sell.

Two things are happening: Thanks to the Internet, buyers are better informed, and are engaging with sellers much later in the sales funnel than they ever have before. Marketers, meanwhile, are also using technology to reach much deeper into the sales funnel.

The remaining space for sellers and buyers to tango is narrower than ever.

The good news is that there is hope. The Bridge Group, Inc. recently shared an article about how sellers can use all of this great information available to buyers and marketers as a weapon of their own.

Salespeople must use the same technology that buyers use — namely, the Internet — to up their own advantage, the article suggests. Sellers can be better informed about their competition and customers.

“Stop worrying about who has ‘all the power’,” the article advises. “Your buyers want to build better businesses, go help them do that. Find the right information to start a conversation.”

While the article does minimize the impact of these major changes, we agree that using the Internet the right way can help sellers find strategic info on their stock prices, the technology they already use, the types of people they’re hiring, emails they open and contact information of just about everyone at the company.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): Salespeople must use technology to research their clients as well as embrace some of the same techniques that marketers are using. For example, develop a quick persona profile of your buyer. There are a ton of templates out there to do this. Relate your sales assets to this person, think hard about what you share and don’t just rely on marketing.

Source: The Bridge Group, Inc., November 2013

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