Sharpen Your Email Content for Sales Success

Take a look at your sales toolbox. It probably contains phone calls, emails, hopefully a direct mail piece and social media, among others. As much as we like to think our tool box has the best tools, even the best need to be sharpened every once in a while. Here are 3 tips to help sharpen your email content for more successful prospecting. 

Get to the Point.

Forget the pitch and get straight to the point. Address what your prospect will get, along with the pain points they can avoid by using your product or service. This may seem obvious, yet so many sales emails continue to try fancy introductions, or the classic “I’m sorry to bother you.” Hint: you’re bothering them. Keep using these dull methods and you’ll join the other 84% of emails in your prospects SPAM folder.

Speak Their Language

There’s no need to take a refresher course in Spanish. This means writing your emails as a conversation, not as if a robot wrote them. Whether you’re part of an inside sales team or in the field, avoid using the ‘we’ language. ‘We’ makes it sound like you’re talking to them and not for them. There’s no human element. Because in reality, when you say ‘we’ you’re really referencing your company. Your product or service has no benefit if you can’t help your prospect identify with it.

Clear Call to Action.

Similar to an offer, if you want your prospect to take action, make it clear. Don’t bury your call-to-action at the bottom of your email in hopes they’ll see it when they’re done reading your email. They won’t. The reader should know what action to take without even thinking twice about it. Again, there’s no need to be fancy. Worse than them not being able to find the call-to-action is misleading them to a false or confusing benefit. 

With 2015 fast approaching, there is no better time to take one of the most used tools out and give it a good polish. 

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