Smart Sales: Micromanaging & Reaching Higher

There’s a lot of great sales content floating around the web. It’s hard to decide what to read! Every Saturday, we summarize our favorite B2B sales posts from around the Web each week. It’s hard to catch it all, so let us know what great content we may have missed.

Here’s what caught our attention this week:

A Foolproof Way to Increase Accountability Without Micromanaging Your Salespeople
Developing accountability with your sales rep can sometimes come across as micromanaging. You don’t want to be THAT sales manager. These tips from Mike Weinberg are spot on!

True Leadership Goes Beyond Education
You can read the books, follow the blogs, listen to podcasts, take leadership courses and so much more…But, doing these things only guide you to the leader you want to be. You need the experience to really become one. Great insight from Leanne Hoagland-Smith.

Want More Sales? Try Something New
Salespeople are constantly reading about the same strategies. These strategies remain the same for a reason, but switching things up can be just as beneficial, if not more! Always great tips from Colleen Francis.

5 Strategies to Grow a Stellar Inside Sales Team
Building up the inside sales team is becoming a key component and priority in most businesses. What makes some inside sales reps better than others? Jill Konrath gives us some great tips for finding the best ISRs for your business.

Reach Higher!
When it comes to prospecting, we spend a lot of time focused on those low-hanging fruit; the ones that are comfortable to reach out to. Take it a step further and push yourself out of your comfort zone a little. Great advice from Deb Calvert.

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