Smart Sales: Sales Pipeline & Increased Conversions

First of all, happy 4th of July!

There’s a lot of great sales content floating around the web. It’s hard to decide what to read! Every Saturday, we summarize our favorite B2B sales posts from around the Web each week. It’s hard to catch it all, so let us know what great content we may have missed.

Here’s what caught our attention this week:

14 Easy Ways to Get Insanely Motivated
Staying motivated and productive have been hot topics over the last few months. Here are 14 great ways to keep you on track. Thanks for the great tips, Geoffrey James.

Why You Should Value Prospects Loyal to Your Competitors
If your prospects won’t give you a meeting because they’re loyal to your competitor, they likely won’t give anyone else a meeting either. These are the prospects you want. Great article from Anthony Iannarino.

10 Tips to Increase Eyeballs and Conversion
Increasing conversion rates is always front-of-mind for B2B sales teams. Here are 10 great ways to help increase conversion rates in your daily routine from Tami Cannizzaro.

How Your Marketing Turns on Sales Objections
How you as a salesperson handle objections is key to ensuring your ability to increase sales. And, to lower the sales objections, marketing and sales need to work together to push out the right content to the right people. Great advice and reminders from Leanne Hoagland-Smith.

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Sales Pipeline
Even though your sales pipeline is looking strong, it might not be as strong as you think. Looks can be deceiving. Great tips from Matt Sharrers.

Pain, Brain, or Reframe? How do Buyers Really Buy?
Understanding how buyers buy isn’t unanimous for everyone. Not every buyers the same. Charles H. Green explains a few different models to help us uncover our tricky buyers.

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