So You Have Less Than a 50% Chance of Making the Right Assumption…

Original post from Colleen Francis:

Is an Experienced Salesperson Less Effective?:
A funny thing happens as salespeople become more and more experienced with their company or product. They also become less and less effective.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Salespeople often become less effective with the more experience that they gain. 

The simple fact is, as we gain more knowledge, we stop feeling a need to make decisions based on facts and begin to make more assumptions.

If salespeople only do their business based on assumptions, they aren’t going to get very far. Now every customer acts and responds the same way. 

And, if you’re always making assumptions, that leaves you with a 50% chance (if that!) of making the right assumption.

Increase your odds, leave behind the assumptions and start asking questions of your prospect to help you help them. 

Are you maintaining an effective sales team? 

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