Social: Generating Awareness & Visibility

Original post from Mark Hunter:

Prospecting: Do You Think Social Media is Your Answer?:
This one absolutely drives me nuts. For some reason, there is a belief in the sales world that if you spend enough time on social media, you’ll have all the business you want.
I have one response to that. Go ahead and spend all of your time on social media and come back to me in six months and let me know how your sales area doing? I’ll tell you how they’ll be doing — you’ll be starving!
Social media plays a role in the sales process, but it’s no different than the role traditional marketing/advertising plays. It helps, but it’s a long-term play that can take months and years to begin bearing serious fruit.

Social is more about generating awareness and visibility for your brand.

If social was your only form of generating new leads and driving business, you’d be stuck in a rut. You’d never generate the amount of revenue needed to sustain. And, your competitors would fly by you until you lost all of your credibility.

While we are big believers in taking advantage of social and use it daily, we don’t believe it is the best and only way to prospect.

It’s better thought of as a prospecting enhancement tool.

How do you feel about using social as your main source for prospecting?

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