Spark Engaging Sales Conversations By Cold Calling With Personality

Sales conversations are initiated in many different ways, from awesome referrals to introductions at trade shows. The most difficult avenue to those discussions — and eventually sales — is cold calling. While this practice is challenging, it’s often necessary.

 The more effective you are at cold calling, the more leads you’re able to create. To be successful when you pick up the phone, you have to be as personable and relatable as possible. Cold calling with personality starts with understanding your prospects.

It’s imperative to learn what content is most valuable and relevant to your prospects. Just as you can’t sell a boat to a person who lives in the desert, you won’t spark a valuable conversation with a CMO talking about IT specifications. You must know the pains your prospects have and speak to them.

The content of your message isn’t enough, however. It’s equally important that you know how to speak your prospects’ language.

Use words that resonate with your target audience. When you speak in terms they use themselves, your message is better received and you’re viewed less like an outsider just trying to make a sale. Along the same lines, speak to the outcomes they’re looking for. Talking technology or listing features doesn’t communicate how their lives improve. Those tactics are not going to start meaningful sales conversations.

On the flip side, if you outline why your service or product saves your prospects three hours a week and enables them to focus more on value-added activities, you’re undoubtedly grabbing their attention.

Like in the above example, you also must know with whom you’re talking. Segment your prospects by role to know if numbers or case studies are going to be more effective. The right sales assets are your starting point.

You should also segment by industry to speak to the specifics of the world those prospects live in. Be as granular as possible. The more you segment your prospect pool, the more you’re able to be personable on a cold call.

“Where do I find this kind of information?” you ask.

The simple answer is everywhere:

  • Dedicate time to social media to immerse yourself in the conversations your prospects take part in. Research what LinkedIn groups your prospects associate with and read their content. Look at what your prospects are tweeting and what they’re re-tweeting. Become familiar with the terms they’re throwing around.
  • Use trade shows as a learning experience, as well as an opportunity for sales relationship building. Pay attention to the common words attendees use and get a better feel for how they think. Listen to them talk about their problems and understand how to speak to those issues.
  • Learn from your cold calls themselves. Do some A/B testing to develop an understanding of which points, phrases, or words resonate the most. Practice might not make perfect, but it does spark better sales conversations.

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): How do you become a more effective cold caller? By learning from every conversation you have. The best way to learn Chinese is to live in China. Learn your prospects’ language by immersing yourself in their social media worlds, speaking to them at industry events and recognizing what does and doesn’t work in what you already do.

For tips on creating great sales assets, check out the Tellwise Tipsheet.

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