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Staying Relevant To Prospects Across The Long Sales Game

When it comes to selling, the ball is always in the buyer’s court. What’s the likelihood of walking up to a new prospective customer and closing a deal on the spot? The answer is very low. People want to buy on their schedule, not yours. 

In the sales game, the real talent isn’t seen in closing deals; it’s in staying on a prospect’s mind until they’re ready to buy. 

The real stars of the sales world have mastered the art of the mind game. They’re the ones who get told “no” or “not now” and listen but don’t give up on the sale. They follow prospects on Twitter and “like” their posts on Facebook. They send occasional emails with links to interesting articles and other meaningful content.

In today’s world of hyper-educated buyers, the best sales pros don’t just know how to close deals; they know their prospects so well that they play the role of trusted content curators. People are quickly growing fatigued from mass-marketing campaigns. To an educated consumer, a mass email is as obvious as a glowing light bulb in a dark room. To get their attention you need to deliver a more personalized experience (or at least one that seems personalized). 

Already today, there are signs of a sales renaissance emerging, one where the sales rep acts more like a trusted concierge than someone hawking a product or service. Lead nurturing through a tailored buyer experience is only going to become a more prominent piece of the sales process. 

If you’re not already a trusted content curator for your prospects, you should make it a priority to become one, lest you risk losing your prospect to a competitor. 

Remember, though, that your prospects are prospective customers. They’re not your friends. Don’t waste their time. Only send content that they would find valuable. Your follow-up messages will be more effective if they start with a link to a meaningful piece of content you’ve seemingly hand-picked for them rather than a valueless “just following up” email. 

To convert prospects into customers, you must stay proactive. Even if you don’t think you’ll make the sale soon, it’s still important that your prospects don’t forget who you are and how your product or service solves their pain. If you do it right, they’ll come to you when they’re ready to move forward. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): The best sellers have mastered the long game of the sale. They know how to cultivate a relationship over time and stay relevant months or years before a sale is made. Pretend that you have a “relationship bank account” with each of your prospects. Before you make a withdrawal, the account needs to have something in it. Make deposits into the account by creating valuable customer experiences and cash in on them when the time is right. 

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