Stop Sinking in Sales Interview Quicksand

Original post from Leanne Hoagland-Smith:

The Quicksand Known as Sales Fact Finding Questions:
While knowing to ask the right questions is indeed important, sometimes being so focused on these questions has you quickly drowning in quicksand before you know it.
When salespeople become so intent on one aspect, they may lose sight of the bigger picture.

Additionally, if salespersons have memorized the sales fact finding questions as part of a sales script, general sales conversation flexibility takes a backseat to following the sales script.
Just remember the goal with sales fact finding questions is to learn what others may not have uncovered or heard because they were so focused on asking the “right questions”.

Interviewing and asking the “right questions” is tricky. It’s especially tricky because there are the actual “right questions” you should be asking and then there are the “right questions” you think you should be asking.

Do you  fall into the quicksand when you are interviewing?

Focus on the outcome you want  from your ideal sales candidate and develop questions to help you learn more from there.

What are your favorite sales interview questions? Let us know!

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