Stop The Sales Pitches! Start A Conversation With Your Prospects

The days of the seller playing the role of gatekeeper to information are gone. Businesses now keep their product information online, and buyers are free to research, compare prices and read reviews on their own terms. 

To be a successful seller, you have to cater your prospecting efforts to the modern, hyper-informed buyer. People don’t want to be sold to; they want to be presented with an incredible solution to their problems. 

The old-school product pitch is going the way of the CD player. These days there are better ways to organize and listen to music than keeping hundreds of CDs. And today there’s a more refined method of communicating with prospective customers that’s tuned in to the era we live in. 

No one wants to hear your pitch out of the blue. You stand a much better chance of earning a prospect’s attention if you start a relevant conversation with them

When you start conversations with prospective customers, it’s important to show restraint in your engagement. Always ask yourself if the message you’re delivering is useful to your prospect. Without perceived value, your message is likely to be overlooked. 

For example, a basic “just following up” email after a prospect engagement only wastes time. If you’re trying to get the attention of a C-level prospect, strike up a conversation that speaks to their pains and problems. In your follow-up emails, try including a link to a useful blog post or whitepaper, and then carry the conversation forward by asking questions that match the role you’re targeting. 

Your differentiator as a seller is how you act. When you proactively build relationships with prospects, it sets the stage for the greater conversation that ultimately leads to the sale. 

The Tellwise Nutshell (TTN): A simple conversation is sometimes all it takes to plant the seeds of a great idea. When sellers humanize their technique and engage prospects on a personal level, it not only catches a buyer’s attention; it creates a path to the sale that’s worlds better than any pitch you could dream up. 

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