The Importance of Sales Leaders

Original post from Anthony Iannarino

Every Organization Needs a Sales Leader
Every organization, regardless of its size, needs a sales leader.

Smaller, entrepreneurial organizations don’t believe they need a sales leader. They believe that sales is a necessary function, but don’t believe that it is necessary to have someone lead and manage that function. Not providing the sales force with leadership is an enormous mistake.

The reason many small organizations stay small is because they don’t dedicate the necessary resources of time and money in the sales leadership or sales management function. Instead, they leave it to chance. Hope is not a strategy.

Growing a sales organization requires sales leadership and management.
Does your organization have an effective sales leader?  Do you have someone who inspires you, who motivates you, who pushes you further each and every day?  If you answered no, then it might be time to rethink your business strategy.  Why are sales leaders important?  Because they provide much more than management.  Sales leaders provide growth, sustainability, and most importantly, sales.

It is important that every organization, big and small, have sales leaders to move their teams upward, yet many organizations lack a person like this.  They leave their strategies to chance, and instead of investing time to find leaders for their teams, they expect the teams to lead themselves.  Provide your organization with the means to reach its full potential by finding a sales leader to stand at the helm.

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