The Sales Email Black Hole

Original post from Jill Konrath

Avoid This Brain-Draining Distraction to Increase Sales Productivity

Learning something fast requires concentration. To make sense of it all requires you to really wrap your brain around it. So does coming up with a new strategy for a perplexing sales problem or figuring out how to enter a new market.

Distractions of any sort slow your absorption of new material. Every time you jump off-topic, you waste hours of time getting your head back into the task at hand.

Yet most sellers are totally oblivious to the #1 distraction of all – checking email.

It’s easy to get lost in your email.  You get into work, turn on your computer, and suddenly, hours have passed, and you realize you haven’t accomplished anything that was on your list for the day.  Though email is an important part of any role, it can also be a huge distraction.  So how can you organize your time so you don’t get trapped in the sales email black hole?  It’s all about prioritizing.

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