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Tip of the Week: Three Sales Email Best Practices for Better Results

Writing emails that produce results is the goal of every sales person. The reality though is it is difficult to create a truly great email especially since most of us don’t get any formal training on it. Well we are here to help. It turns out that in addition to a great subject line, there are only 3 parts to creating a great email that is short, concise and effective.

Subject Line:
The ‘Hook’: 3 to 6 words to spark curiosity or address a pain point. Inbox previews up to 40 characters (mobile) or 80 characters (desktop) of the subject line.

Message Body:
1.  Relate:  State the ‘Pain point’ you are trying to solve. Your first sentence will influence the open rate so think carefully about the first 40 characters (mobile) or 80 characters (desktop)

2.  Bridge:  Give them a reason to speak to you, use the word ‘because’. State an example of how you have helped your current customers, answer for your prospect ‘What’s in it for me?’.

3.  Ask:  Your ‘Call to Action’ needs to be specific and easy for the recipient to respond to. For example: “If you are ‘curious’, let’s schedule a time to discuss. Are you available Wednesday at 3:00pm?”

Those are the basics. You can use some creativity in how you put it together, but every great sales email needs these 3 components.

Happy selling!

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