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Top 4 Sales Productivity Practices to Take With You into 2016!

Welcome to 2016!  The carols have ended, the yule logs burnt away, and the ringing of bells has started to fade, but what isn’t going away any time soon is the need to sell, and more importantly, the need to close.  There were a lot of lessons to be learned in 2015—from business practices to day-to-day operations—and even more changes seemed to happen to the sales landscape itself.  Sales productivity was especially touched on this year, and it can be easy to get lost in all this new information.  So to kick-off the new year right, we’ve narrowed down our list of sales productivity practices that you should take with you into 2016 to set yourself up for a successful year.

1. Manage your emails

Managing your emails might seem like a no-brainer, but not a lot of people actually follow through with this task.  It’s tedious, and may even seem redundant at times, and usually it gets pushed to bottom of one’s priority list as they make room for other things that need their attention.  But despite its mundanity, managing your email is an important part of your day, and it not only helps you, but also the people who you are emailing.

By staying on top of your inbox, you are also able to stay better organized and more productive.  You can use this time to ask questions about upcoming deadlines, answer others’ questions, and add to and check off items on your to-do list so by the end of the day you not only feel more confident in the work you’ve done, but you also feel more accomplished. 

Sorting through your email is a powerful tool that you can utilize to maximize your productivity at work.  Set time aside in the morning to organize your inbox, set your agenda, prioritize your to-do list, and make the most of your day.  It might require a little more time getting started, but once you turn it into habit, managing your email becomes an easy way to stay ahead of your day and achieve sales success.

2. Take meaningful notes during meetings

Taking notes during your meetings can help you get ahead of your work in a powerful way.  It lets you know what’s on your client’s radar, and it shows to them that you care about what they have to say.  Your notes could also save you a lot of time if you need clarification or have questions about what was talked about with your client, not mention that you save face by not having them repeat an answer they’d already given.  Additionally, taking notes also helps you to build a better to-do list—identifying next steps and helping you keep track of what needs to get done now and letting you keep on your radar the tasks that need to be accomplished in the future.

Coming to sales meetings prepared to take notes shows your clients that you’re listening and that you’re ready to make the most of your time together.  It shows your dedication and commitment, and it helps to build your relationship with your client.  So take more notes and get ahead of the sales crowd so you are set up for success to close more sales

3. The right motivation can make waves for your business

Motivation is an incredibly important part of keeping your sales reps happy and inspired to achieve success, and it is a powerful tool that you can use to keep pushing your organization in the right direction.  Celebrations of success are great and easy ways to acknowledge the hard work your team is doing, and for many organizations, acknowledgment is all it takes to keep spirits high. 

For other teams, gamification might be the way to go.  Providing incentives and inventive rewards can be a fun and engaging way to strengthen and empower your team.  Though a reward system should be used with caution, establishing an incentive program can also be a great resource to help your team get on its feet.

The right motivation can help your business reach its next milestone, and though physical rewards are nice, more often than not, sincere recognition of a job well done is all it takes to boost morale and turn your sales team into a force to be reckoned with.

4. Communicate effectively and build relationships

Communication is a fundamental pillar of business, but with the dawn of social technology, we are ironically more separated than ever.  There has been a rising need to communicate more effectively, not just in sales, but in all aspects of our lives.  Communication is the key to success, and effective communication can be an easy way to step out from the crowd and make yourself a true powerhouse when it comes to sales.

With an effective form of communication, you also begin to build better, stronger relationships with your clients.  These relationships are essential for your sales success, because the truth of the matter is that people buy from people.  People buy from those that they trust, and if you fail to establish that bond with your prospect, you will never gain their business.

Closing your sales requires communication, contact, and commitment—master these three and improve your rate of success to close more sales.

2016 is a new year and new opportunities will show themselves to you.  Are you prepared to make the most of these new opportunities?  Be productive and stay ahead of your to-do list.  Be proactive in finding, establishing, and building better client relationships.  Motivate your sales team for sales success.  And become a better, stronger salesperson in 2016.

Here’s to the new year!  It’s time to make it yours.

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